Dec 30

How to Sell Mobile Apps – Explained!

You want to Learn How to Sell Mobile Apps ! Great. This is a summary of our learnings over 6 Years as early movers in the mobile development industry. Please feel free to Get In touch with us , we will be happy to share our experience & answer questions…

Dec 19

KumoTeam Update 2.0

As we release an update (2.0) to our product in Q1 2013. we wanted to update you of certain exclusive features which we feel are game changers. The intention is to add a new dimension to efficiency in the business of Field service.   System Upgrades Gravity Payments Integration –…

Nov 25

IT Value Drives IT Strategy

Technology is critical for the business model to run efficiently , it is equally critical that any IT delivery team understands the business model clearly and know what they are responsible for The 3 Aspects of IT value based on our understanding today are -> Efficiency -> reduce operational overheads…