KumoTeam Update 2.0

As we release an update (2.0) to our product in Q1 2013. we wanted to update you of certain exclusive features which we feel are game changers.
The intention is to add a new dimension to efficiency in the business of Field service.


      System Upgrades
  • Gravity Payments Integration – SWIPER – Collect Credit cards Directly on the phone by swiping the card on a device that plugs into the phone jack of the phone. Gravity Payments will give an account and Swiper to ALL our customers
  • Marchex Integration – Marchex provides a call tracking service , customers can get a set of 1-800 XXX XXXX numbers and place them on different Ad source (PPC , SEO , Yellow Pages , Radio / TV). The app will pick up the ad source of the call & the customer details automatically , saving the data entry effort and on the backend we can now deliver a report showing the customer that PPC generated 8000$ in Invoicing , this takes marketing measurability to a new level in the SME space
  • Localization – Multiple Languages with easy localization interface
  • FreeLancer Mode – Multi User Mobile client – Individual tech can buy the mobile subscription and start using it with 4 different companies to source Jobs. Or directly via a web portal
  • Warranty Verification Service
      Mobile Client Upgrades
  • Major UI Overhaul
  • Signature on glass
  • Verification codes to customers
  • Customer Surveys on Phone
  • SMS notifications
      Web Interface Updates
  • NOC Mode – Full Screen Map with Tech Movement , Job Bubbles & Tech Bubbles
  • Quick Books Integration
  • OPEN-API Implementation – Easy Integrations with 3rd party systems
  • Multiple Jobs Statuses , Multiple Invoices per job
  • Discount Coupons
  • Discount Coupons
  • Efficient Route Suggestion
  • Job Q Integration with CRM’s


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