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Quytech is a top eLearning and education mobile app development company that develops educational mobile applications that are simple to use for both instructors and learners. At Quytech, we have a competent mobile app development and designer team that specializes in customizing business solutions to meet the requirements of our clients. Our education app development process is much more than just conceptualization, development, and deployment to match the demands of today's education. To foster emerging technologies and features, we offer round-the-clock app support and maintenance services. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AR/VR, AI, ML, and IoT, Quytech offers remarkable education app development services that can change your educational ecosystem or help you launch your own edtech startup

ai enables apps
AI-Based Education Apps

AI offers pioneering opportunities with digital content for better student engagement.

gamification in education
Gamification in Education

We develop Gamification-based educational apps that keep students interested and engaged throughout their learning time.

ar/vr training solutions
AR/VR Training Solutions

Makes eLearning courses more innovative and enjoyable than ever before.

virtual classroom app

Virtual Classroom Apps

This virtual classroom app enables students to connect to their teachers anytime anywhere outside of their schools/colleges/coaching.
Through this online virtual classroom application, students and teachers can discuss ideas, interact through video conferencing and collaborate together.

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Education App Development Company

Online learning Apps

This app provides guidance to the online users. The online learning can be related to any subject structured under the guidance of the experts on subjects. Sitting at home online user can practice and learn more with content-rich online learning apps.

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educational apps for kids development

Educational Apps for Kids

We develop interactive educational apps for kids to learn with fun and entertainment. Visually rich content apps for kids to initiate their reasoning skills. Our immersive Educational app is full of fun and delivers real-time learning experience with AR content.

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language learning apps

Language Learning Apps

Language learning Apps have a significant advantage to find and learn new words of any language. Language learning App Translate the specific language while removing the language barrier. We build Language Learning Apps to support academic and language learners.

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Home Assignment Apps

Skills Development Apps For Professionals

Our designed and developed skill development apps for professionals comprises all the courses and videos that help them stay sharp and competitive. Right from learning about different technologies to enhancing leadership development and power skills, our skills development apps for professionals have got your back.

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Competitive Exam Preparation Apps development

Competitive Exam Preparation Apps

Prepare for the Competitive exam based on real exam patterns. Stay updated with the latest technologies to enhance your performance and accuracy. This app helps to enhance your skills with real-time access to the content for preparation.

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professional educational apps

Home Assignment Apps

The home assignment apps developed by Quytech help teachers and students unlock the learning potential of homework. These apps make it easy for teachers to create, assign, and evaluate homework tasks more efficiently and effectively. At the same time, our home assignment apps transform boring homework into a gamified experience for students.

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Features Included in Education Mobile App

Quytech, an education app development company, pioneered in developing mobile application and our education mobility solutions ensure outstanding results in a timely and pervasive manner. We gained the trust and faith of our clients and customers regarding the development, design and functionality of Mobile application.

online exams
Online Exams
content management
Content Management
document management
Doc Management
live streaming
Live Streaming
virtual class rooms
Virtual Class Rooms
digital receipt
Creating Surveys

Our Work

  • virtual classroom solution

    Virtual Classroom Solution

    We have developed virtual classroom solutions with highly advanced features that assist mentors and students to learn and communicate.

    Here is the feature list of the App:

    • Search by topics and mentors
    • Advanced interactive whiteboards
    • Stream recorded video
    • Receive in-app or WhatsApp notifications
    • Check mentor profile & ratings
  • elearning app

    Elearning App

    This virtual classroom app enables students to connect to their teachers anytime anywhere outside of their schools/colleges/coaching.

    Here is the feature list of the App:

    • Interaction through audio video conferencing
    • Record video lectures and access on mobile devices
    • AI enabled analysis of student’s performance
    • Interactive whiteboard
  • micro learning mobile app

    Micro Learning Mobile App

    i-Reach Mobile, the microlearning app, is designed to deliver microlearning courses to learners all across the globe. While using the app, the administrators can create Learning Capsules, which may contain one or two learning reinforcements.

    • My Courses: To check and view microlearning courses without any hassle
    • Company News: To view corporate news
    • Notifications & Alerts: To know about the latest courses, news, and videos
  • sketch app

    Sketch App

    Helped the client envisage and develop an applications that provides a complete guide through consciousness, using popular designs from the brand @ArtbyO. This is a very easy-to-use app. User can sketch pictures & color them and can create beautiful creatives.

    Key Features of the App:

    • Users can color artwork, save them, edit it later and resume from where they have left, without breaking a sweat.
    • Sketch Book that lets the user color exclusive artwork from the author.

Our Education App Development Process

We apply innovative, industry-proven processes to build the finest and most disruptive education apps ever created. Our project team will walk you through every stage of the process of developing a education app.


Requirements Analysis

First and foremost! We generally begin by determining the project’s scope and taking the chance to understand your business’s requirements. This includes addressing the functionality you would like in your education app as well as the project’s complexities.



Wireframes save you time and resources in a variety of ways, from sketches to concept proofing. Basically, this is where planning begins. We create a series of briefings based on your requirements to help you identify the optimal value proposition, clear your education app development goals, or to decide app design.


UI/UX Design

In UI/UX designing, we prepare your future product’s UI design and bring these ideas into reality. This process also makes your product look excellent, feels fantastic, and functions flawlessly.



The details of this stage may depend entirely on the development approach you choose, but the core remains the same! It’s time for us to start working and bring your idea to reality. This is often when we set things up for your education app’s backend design, finalize your education application’s designs, and build your product.



We handle the deployment and launch of your education app once it’s completed. Here, speed is important, we ensure that each component of the application is launched on time and functions flawlessly, with no disruptions. Once your education app is live, we also provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Why Quytech for Education App Development Project?

We offer trustworthy education and e-learning app development with faster turnaround times and a higher return on investment. We recognize that developing an educational mobile app requires a substantial amount of time and effort, which is why we work closely with you to ensure that the process meets your needs. Clients who hire Quytech for app development enjoy the following benefits:



If your project necessitates an NDA, we are happy to sign one for you. We recognize that we need to keep things private and confidential, and we’d be willing to work secretly if it matches your business plan.


Timely Delivery

We adhere to deadlines and deliver all of our projects on time, ensuring that our clients receive high levels of reliability.


Domain expertise

Quytech is a professional education mobile app development company in usa that provides customized e-learning solutions for mobile and web. Our project team employs the most trending and appropriate technologies, frameworks, and integrations for your project.



Quytech guarantees that your data is safe and secure, with no possibility of fraud. We ensure that all information pertaining to the app, business, and security will be kept private and not shared with anybody.

Do You Want to Hire Education App Developer for Your Project?

Our skilled development team deliver customized and end to end solutions to tech-savvy client starting from conceptualization to deployment at cost-effective rates.

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Part-time Hiring
full time
Full-time Hiring
Our Clients

FAQ - EdTech App Development

What type of education apps do you develop?

Our education app developers hold expertise in almost all the technologies required for developing robust, scalable, and feature-rich education applications. Therefore, we can develop any type of education app (virtual classroom, language learning, education app for kids, etc.) depending on your particular business requirements.

Which tools and technologies do you use for EdTech app development?

We use the best technology stack to ensure that the developed education app meets your expectations and becomes a hit among your targeted audience. Our mobile app developers have a knack of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, machine learning, AR/VR, Java, Kotlin, Swift, XCode, Android Studio, and other top technologies trending in the field of education mobile app development.

How much does it cost to develop an Education app/Edtech app?

It depends on various factors- the type of the app, time duration needed to complete the project, features & complexity of the app, the platform on which you want to release it, UI/UX design, and the tech stack required to build the app. You can provide us with your particular app requirements to get an estimated cost for the Edtech app development.

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