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Quytech provides real estate app development services to boost your business. We are helping real estate organizations to streamline their operations with classified and advanced applications. Get a customer-centric and progressive real estate application development service from Quytech to speed up your management through an app. Our real estate app development team helps you stay competitive through apps that are robust, scalable, and secure. Also, you can get AI-based dynamic property displays that will help you enhance your digital reach. You can also customize the user interface according to your preferences.

blockchain apps
AR & VR Based Apps

AR/VR Based applications can give the experience of a virtual tour of the properties from both outside and inside.

ai enables apps
AI-Enabled Apps

Enable automation in your system to engage with your customers and keep track of your business procedures.

interactive chabot
Interactive Chatbot

Integrate chatbots to easily communicate with customers without escalation & acquire more leads.

Property Management App

Property Management App

The younger generation uses mobile applications or software as an instrument to search for properties more than contacting an agent or doing online research. In an era of vast demand for the online presence of every industry, we at Quytech are aiding the real estate industry in developing a property management application with mobile banking app functionalities to make it easy for the customers and the vendors too. Quytech is a real estate application development company with the proper handling of digital touch points, trusted by many for its profitable, efficient, and easily accessible features.

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online property booking

Online Property Booking App

An online booking system gives customers the freedom to rent or buy property anytime. On the other hand, easy banking activities like payments through cards or mobile app payments give relief to property agents and vendors by collecting the payments easily. To increase customers' engagement, one can add the most crucial features of a virtual tour of properties. You can rely on Quytech to establish an app with the latest and updated features. Our developers' team is well aware of the latest features and trends that will immediately boost your sales and will also increase your online reach in the market.

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real estate web app

Real Estate Aggregator's Software Solutions

The real estate industry is developing a more robust and customer-focused real estate app that will assist in making the transition to the stock market. Quytech, as a real estate app development company, provides a real estate mobile app solution that can spontaneously target customers through the mobile apps. Adding new information to property datasets, such as statistics on crime, building footprints, weather patterns, traffic statistics, etc. Typical data augmentation tasks also include residential, commercial, financial, geospatial, and rental information.

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vendor management app

Vendor Management App

The vendor management system enables you to get automatic updates from sellers by using a single view. Different needs apply to real estate businesses. You can select the vendor management tool that works best for you based on your requirements. Integrated Procure-to-Pay, Vendor Invoice Processing, vendor onboarding, and quotation management are a few main features you should have in a vendor management application. The Quytech team gives you the application resources you need to manage vendor data, compliance, performance, and payment in one location for your entire organization.

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real estate b2b and b2c web services

B2B and B2C Application for Real Estate

B2B and B2C real estate applications can be used by startup companies or by agents who work directly with individuals to buy, sell, and rent a property. A robust database is crucial for any real estate application. Developers can add a custom cost estimation feature that will give users an idea of the total property cost. You can add customized features that can help the agents maintain direct contact with the target market.

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3d virtual tour solution

3D Virtual Tour Solution

We were able to accomplish the project's goals by developing a robust, secure, feature-rich web application that streamlines hospitality tours, is easy to use, and improves the overall customer experience. Our goal is to develop a mobile application with a 3D virtual tour solution that can take virtual tours of properties and include visitors, photographers, and internal visiting media staff.

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real estate auctions and bidding solutions

Real Estate Auctions and Bidding Solutions

The development of online real estate auction software is emerging as a more significant and effective replacement for conventional real estate auction activities. Real estate auction software provides an online platform for buyers and sellers to participate in real estate auctions. Our team at Quytech makes sure that a variety of features are available in the Real Estate Application so that users can conduct online selling and buying activities.

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Latest Technologies We Use for Real Estate App Development

Our real estate app development team is up to date on the most cutting-edge technologies. Quytech development teams are experienced in using advanced frameworks, programming languages, and software development tools to master project development.


Artificial Intelligence

AI helps you to get valuable insight and make smarter decisions. It can go through a pile of documents in a minute. It helps in knowing the value of the property.


This technology will allow customers to have an emotional connection while visualizing what their property would actually look like. It will increase the global reach of the buyers.


A cutting-edge technology that connects different objects found on real estate properties with the aid of IoT sensors, giving users an interconnected way to gather the information that enables them to automate various repetitive operations.


Blockchain will help secure and streamline the process of buying and selling. One can also track information about properties. It has shown vast progress in connecting buyers and sellers too.
cloud computing

Cloud Computing

A feature for tracking data. It can help customers to start exactly from where they have left off, as their data will be saved. Vendors can analyze the properties that are generating more revenue in the market.
big data

Big Data

Having knowledge of market property values, buyer profiles, market conditions, and other important facts are helpful. Big Data helps keep track of such pieces of information.

Competitive Features to Integrate in Your Real Estate App

Quytech gives you the latest and customized real estate application development solution. We make sure our solutions and designs help an organization to promote their brand, generate revenue and expand their business opportunities.

360 degree view
360 Degree
push notifications
financial reporting system
Financial Reporting
mortgage calculator
image search
schedule meeting
geo location integration
payment integration

Who Can Reap the Benefits of the Real Estate App?

Quytech covers all the essential features in the application to greatly benefit our clients. We made sure the industry could get the desired outcome out of it. We offer a wide range of services for the following parts of the real estate industry.

  • hoteliers
  • brokers
  • users
  • agents
  • realtors
  • seller

Real Estate Apps for Hoteliers Bookings

Improve the visibility of the property and connect online with the buyer.

Real Estate Apps for Brokers

Easy to manage multiple customers on one platform to fix meetings.

Real Estate Apps for Users

Check the valuation, location, and view of the property at your fingertips.

Real Estate Apps for Agents

Increase the market reach, connect with customers & close the deal online.

Real Estate Apps for Realtors

WithWith the latest features and filters in app one can view the desired properties.

Real Estate Apps for Sellers

Manage payment functionalities online and close the deal faster.

Why Choose our Real Estate Application Development Services?

Today Many professions have to change and shift to digital mode to be easily accessible to customers. When we talk about digitization, real estate application is the most promising direction to create ways to establish ourselves in the digital world. The Quytech Team helps the organization with a complete guide for the best suitable application. Our team makes sure that the client can make the most of it.

Next-Gen Real Estate Apps

We understand your diverse business needs and goals to deliver future-ready apps with advanced features, novel capabilities, excellent usability, and rock-solid security.

AI, AR/VR & Blockchain Powered Apps

At Quytech, we use the latest technologies and trends like AI, AR/VR, and Blockchain to build real estate apps for our clients across different industries that offer an immersive experience to users.

Top Quality Solutions

We have consistently provided our clients with high-quality, timely solutions that meet their requirements. Our team builds easy-to-use real estate mobile apps that have high-quality user interfaces.

A Proven Track Record

We have a track record of successfully handling multiple real estate app development projects. We take your ideas as well as suggest the best suitable features for your application.

The Real Estate App Development Process We Follow!

We are a trusted real estate app development company in the USA that designs and develops custom apps for all domains and scales of business. We offer our clients full end-to-end From the app's idea through its development. As per customers' demand, we add every functionality to manage activities. The following is a step The following are the steps for the procedure our team uses to develop a real estate app development; (Make it short)

  • 1

    Discussion of the scope, benefits, and possibilities according to the client’s requirements

  • 2

    for the Real Estate App will be finished by experts, along with the final layout

  • 3
    UI Strategy

    How well a project is implemented is determined by the UI/UX design's effectiveness. Our delivery is planned to be timely and error-free

  • 4
    Development & Testing

    The team creating the Real Estate app and the quality analysts will work together in accordance with the project plan that the project manager has established.

  • 5

    Successful handover of project assets will be given to the client, and a walkthrough of the entire project will be provided by the project manager.

Our Work

  • real estate app

    Real Estate App

    Quytech has developed the best real estate app, which enables users to buy and sell properties. One of the important advantages of this application is the assistance in planning online meetings and conferences. Additionally, it offers users the option to pay a subscription fee to access a few additional features. Using video chat or video calls, users of this real estate app may communicate directly with buyers and sellers.

  • Blockchain-based Real Estate NFT Marketplace

    Blockchain-based Real Estate NFT Marketplace

    Quytech has developed Blockchain-based Real Estate NFT Marketplace which allows users to browse digital architecture created by the world’s leading architects and designers. Become part of the digital architecture community by owning and trading your own Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Register as a creator to monetise your skills and allow others to share in your passion for digital architecture creation.

  • video ar floor planner app

    Floor Plan App

    Augmented Reality (AR) Floor Plan - This app is helpful for Real estate agents, Craftsmen, builders, and property dealers. Through this AR app, you can show the different floor plans virtually to customers exactly what they are looking for. It is a unique way to engage more clients around the globe while offering virtual floor planner. AR solution can take your real estate perspective to the successful level.

Our Clients

FAQ - Real Estate App Development

Quytech uses BaseCamp for communication and project management for internal time management and task tracking. For weekly and project review meetings, we use GoTo Meeting and Zoho to schedule video conferencing calls and presentations.

We provide 3 months of maintenance support as part of our development fee. You have the option of negotiating or signing an annual maintenance contract following the required maintenance period.

An application development process for real estate depends on demand. It means what the user interface is and the features that need to be implemented. To develop, including the discovery, design, development, and Pre-launch phases with distinctive features and then the after-launch editing, so this can always exceed the estimated time or may get done in the least amount of time.

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